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tv   Vice President Pence in Las Vegas  CSPAN  October 9, 2017 1:42am-1:55am EDT

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>> syndicated radio talk show host looks at the progressive agenda and the trump presidency. as always, we will take your calls. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. vice president pence was in weekend.t his remarks are just over 10 minutes.
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v.p. pence: senator heller, senator cortez masto, mayor goodman, state and local officials, pastor hatch, people of las vegas, my fellow americans -- my wife karen and i are honored to be with you for this las vegas unity prayer walk. we are grateful to each of you, and we are grateful to the inspiration of your former deputy fire chief, kevin chapman. kevin, thank you for loving the people of this community the way you do.
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>> [applause] v.p. pence: president trump personally asked us to be here to stand with you, to pray with you for strength, comfort, and healing in the wake of sunday night's horrific attack here in las vegas. in america, we mourn with those who mourn, we grieve with those who grieve. i stand with you on behalf of my family and every family in america to say we are with you. today we are all vegas strong. >> [applause] v.p. pence: as the president often says, when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. when one part of america struggles, we all struggle. and when one part of america cries out for help, we always come together to answer the call.
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five days ago, america awoke to the news of the worst mass shooting in the history of the united states. on a field not far from here, 58 people lost their lives, and nearly 500 were injured. it was a tragedy of unimaginable proportions, and as the president said in his address to the nation, we are joined together in sadness, shock, and grief for the fallen and injured and their families. those were lost were taken before their time, but their names and stories will be forever etched into the hearts of the american people. among them, a special ed teacher who helped the neediest, named sandra casey. a policeman and a veteran, who coached a youth football team. >> [applause]
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v.p. pence: a full-time mom named hannah, who was the sunshine of her family. and jack, a construction worker who died shielding his wife from harm. to the families of these and all of our fallen, near and far, we extend the deepest condolences of the first family, of our family, and of the american people. the bible tells us that the lord is close to the brokenhearted, and this will be our prayer for all of you. we do mourn with those who mourn, and grieve with those who grieve, but we do not grieve like those who have no hope, because heroes gie us hope. >> [applause] v.p. pence: as president trump said here on wednesday, in the depths of horror, we will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for ours.
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we find hope in the heroic actions of the las vegas metropolitan police department, the fire department, and all the first responders on that night, without regard to their own safety. their actions undoubtedly saved lives that night. >> [applause] v.p. pence: we find hope in the medical professionals in this community, the doctors, surgeons, nurses, emt's across las vegas, whose swift professionalism and expert care prevented and even wider tragedy. >> [applause] v.p. pence: and we find hope in the everyday americans whose heroic actions inspire the nation.
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among the heroes known and unknown, a mom who shielded her four-year-old daughter with her own body. a father who helped guide others to safety, even though he had been shot not once, but twice. an off-duty firefighter who told his wife she had to run, but he had tuesday to -- had to stay to help those in need. an army veteran who rushed to the scene to find his girlfriend and mom, and ended up carrying the wounded off field. these were everyday americans, but every day from this day forward, we will remember their selflessness and courage whenever we remember that dark hour. >> [applause] v.p. pence: on sunday night, las vegas came face-to-face with pure evil. but no evil, no act of violence will diminish the strength and
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goodness of the american people. as president trump said on monday morning, our unity cannot be shattered by evil, our bonds cannot be broken by violence. he says it is our love that defines us today, and it always will. as i read in my devotions this morning, love binds all of our virtues together in unity. and so in the wake of this tragedy, we put on love. we find comfort in the knowledge that we are united as one nation, as one people, with one voice. united in our grief, united in our support for those who have suffered, and united in our resolve to end such evil in our time. >> [applause]
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v.p. pence: so today, we offer our prayers. from our hearts to the heart of heaven, we pray for those we lost, and for those they left behind. we pray for the injured, and the men and women who care for them at this very hour. we pray for the people of las vegas. and we pray for our nation. that the words sung by thousands before the shots rang out that fateful night might be ever more true, that god would bless america. >> [applause] v.p. pence: that he will renew our unity and strengthen our faith, our faith that as he has ever watched over this great land, that he, in this moment, will again bind our wounds, heal
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the brokenhearted, and wipe every tear from our eyes. so may god bless you. may god bless the men and women of law enforcement and all of our first responders. may god bless the fallen, the injured, and their precious families. and may god bless america. >> [applause] mrs. pence: i have had the privilege of being asked to offer a closing prayer.
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so if you are so inclined, if you would bow with me. heavenly father, your word says where two or more are gathered in your name, there you are also, so thank you for being here with us right now. thank you for all of the heroes, those who selflessly helps others. thank you for their stories that inspire us, even in our grief. help us now going forward to honor the memories of those lost, to remember and to celebrate their lives. father, we are asking for you to wrap your loving arms around the city of las vegas. hold close the survivors who are struggling. hold tight especially, those who
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lost loved ones. they are hurting deeply, and their communities are hurting deeply. be with their families, their friends, their colleagues. give them comfort, and give them peace. and father, going forward from this place, we ask you, help us now to heal. amen. >> amen. [applause] >> [applause]
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♪ we will hear from members of the sunday shows. >> a statement on thursday put out suggesting they would look into regulations that would keep these stocks from being sold. what did you make of that? >> it is appreciated. regulations, we see one president change the actions of a president that came before him. that would happen in this ea


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